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We’ve moved to Downtown Overland Park and are having a neighborly special for our new neighbors.

On top of our low cost “Choice” program, we are offering a special discount for sellers in Overland Park. Receive quality service from experienced Realtors who really care.

Call or email 913-738-9892 ext 121 for details

Home Spot Realty’s “Choice Program”

You can now sell your Kansas City Real Estate with Full Level Service for a low fixed listing price. We provide an exceptional experience through better service, qualified agents, quality marketing, and negotiating expertise. A program designed from the ground up to consistently sell homes better.
You can now sell your Kansas City Area home and save thousands in commissions without sacrificing quality. We provide an exceptional experience through better service, qualified agents, quality marketing, and negotiating expertise. A brokerage designed from the ground up to consistently sell homes better.

overland park experienced realtor


We have successfully sold hundreds of Kansas City homes in one of the toughest markets in history with our proven methods. Experience makes a difference in negotiating, solving problems and overcoming challenges.

overland park home marketing experts


Over 90% of home buyers search the internet to find their next home. We embrace the latest techniques to give your home maximum exposure on all local and national real estate websites.

real estate home marketing technology


We have spent years evaluating the best technologies to sell homes and streamline the process. This gives you a lower cost without sacrificing quality or service.

About Home Spot Choice Kansas City Real Estate About The Choice Program

Founded by experienced real estate brokers and Realtors, Home Spot Choice is based on the concept of providing a smart real estate solution to sellers and buyers. After years of working in real estate, our founder, Steve Kornspan, recognized the need to streamline the process of buying and selling homes. His vision was to create a real estate product with the same quality and brand recognition as Nordstrom has in clothing and Macintosh has in computers.

Home Spot Choice’s business model is the result of many years and thousands of hours of planning and consultation. We follow the same process from beginning to end with every seller and every property we sell. This helps to insure that all our customers benefit from top-level, attentive customer service. Each of our real estate brokers is trained to provide this consistent service because unlike many other real estate companies, we are in the business of selling houses, not the business of recruiting new agents.

The Process
Our home selling process is based on models from other industries. Much like a process engineering firm, our organization focuses on design, operation and optimization. Rather than leaving individual realtors to figure out the sales process alone, Home Spot Choice maintains proven, structured techniques in order to provide consistent, quality service for all our customers, no matter which of our realtors they use.

The Results
Today, Home Spot Choice has become the go-to company for home sales in the Kansas City metro area. Our experienced realtors provide full concierge-level service to sellers from beginning to end. Our tech-savvy office management provides quick turn around on documents—nothing is ever printed or scanned, simply digitally signed. All this, plus professionally designed marketing products for both online and off-line venues, comes in a flat-rate package. We are literally changing the game as real estate brokers

By fusing state-of-the-art technology and proven marketing techniques with personalized service, Home Spot Choice is able to provide affordable brokerage services that exceed seller expectations. Need to sell your home? Interested in purchasing one? Contact us today and experience firsthand how we’re changing the game in real estate.